Exploration Drilling Technique

WP 2 aims to develop an exploration drilling unit that meets the requirements of industrial exploration prior to commercial gas hydrate production. On the one hand, the exploration device itself has to be cost-effective, efficient, safe, and needs to meet industry standards. On the other hand, the applicable core and measurement technology must be able to determine the information of the deposit, which is relevant for the creation of a storage facility model.

The MeBo200 (MARUM) is a compact drilling unit which is currently used for scientific exploration. Further development of an automated control system specified for MeBo200 can support the economic feasibility of gas hydrate drilling technique.



  • The development of an autonomous borehole sensor which measures free gas and p-wave velocity in order to specialize borehole measurement technique for gas hydrates reservoirs.Moreover, conceptual studies will be undertaken to identify further necessary adaptations for other borehole measuring methods
  • Adapt exploration technology to market requirements by developing an industrial and automated control system for submarine exploration drills for gas hydrate deposits.