Natural Gas Production from Gas Hydrates

In Work Package 3 exploitation and production techniques for marine gas hydrate reservoirs will be developed and examined in a case study realized in the Danube deep-sea fan in the Black Sea. since the planned developments within the 3rd phase of the SUGAR-project require on the one hand concrete specifications of conditions for a reservoir and, on the other hand, the Danube deep-sea fan presents a target area for a field test within the framework of a European project that is planned after the 3rd phase of this project.



  • Preparation of the planned field test in the Danube deep-sea fan by evaluating the geophysical, geological and geochemical data obtained at research cruises (MSM 34 and 35; will be done by GEOMAR, MARUM and in cooperation with WP1) and numerical simulation of the gas hydrate reservoir with PetroMod by GEOMAR and Schlumberger,
  • Significant improvement of the marketability of Schlumberger's PetroMod software by enhancing the quality of the modeling of gas hydrate systems and a broader applicability of the gas hydrate modules provided by PetroMod,
  • Development of strategies and techniques for minimizing sand production in order to guarantee a continuous gas delivery from gas hydrate reservoirs by GEOMAR and TU Freiberg is guaranteed,
  • Design of a large-scale high-pressure plant for geotechnical investigations of gas hydrate containing sediments as well as for a risk analysis of the drilling and production technology by APS Wille and GEOMAR,
  • Determination of geomechanical parameters as important parameters for the estimation of the behavior of gas hydrate containing sediments under static and dynamic production conditions by GFZ and GEOMAR,
  • Development of innovative geotechnical models for the gas hydrate sediment structure to quantify gas hydrate saturations by means of seismic data within WP1 and a risk assessment of the industrial gas hydrate degradation (e.g. for the MeBo that will be used in WP2) by GZG,
  • Quantification of the expected production data, development of degradation strategies and definition of different business cases for the Danube deep-sea fan as decision-making support for the prospective production by UMSICHT,
  • Application and performance of a research cruise with RV METEOR for the further exploration of the gas hydrate reservoirs of the Danube deep-sea fan by GEOMAR and MARUM, as well as a testing of the in WP2 developed MeBo-components (by Bauer) and the pressure core system (by Corsyde and APS Wille).